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Performance Reel

A look into Bria's latest film roles. 

Where The Water Runs

Where the Water Runs tells the story of Nasir & his sister Seven (Bria Wade), and their struggles to survive during the worst drought in L.A.’s history.


Seven in crowd.jpg


Junior's new parole officer is a setback to his plans. He tries but fails to conceal from his long-term girlfriend MyKela (Bria Wade). She suspects him reverting to his old lifestyle of crime and gives him an ultimatum-grow up or lose her. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 4.35.02 PM.png


In a dystopian future where racist white fear is weaponized, a young warrior must find the courage to lead her community. 


Girl Fight

When Katie starts her new life at Fairmont Valley Academy, she learns that people are not who they seem. She finds friends in the Westside Widows (Bria Wade), the bad gals of the Academy. When thrown into fight or flight, Katie plants her feet and fights. 

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