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Born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland Bria's passion for acting began at age 6, after watching "Shirley Temple" videos. She quickly began performing for her family at the dinner table. Often reciting movie lines, and mimicking her favorite actors, later asking her family for ratings on her performances. Her inspiration to become an actress comes from watching her favorite films, "The Wiz", Spike Lee's "Crooklyn" and "The Sandlot".  

Bria's passion for dance also began at an early age, inspired by her mother a trained dancer. She quickly began dancing with DC area dance company Spirit Wings and performed in several stage plays. At age 15 Bria was hired to produce a stage play of  "The Wiz" for Maryland Parks & Recreation. Bria directed and starred in the production. 


Bria graduated from Howard University in 2014, with a degree in TV/Film. After graduation she traveled to Oxford, England to attend the British American Drama Academy (BADA), in Association with Yale School of Drama. After completing the program, Bria moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. 

Without any friends or family in the city, Bria began working behind the camera, as an assistant on several TV shows and productions. She credits her experience working behind the camera as an important learning lesson, as she continues to use her experience now as an actress. 


Bria is trained in UFC Boxing, Soo Bahk Do (Martial Arts), CrossFit  and sports to include Basketball and Volleyball. Bria has experience with stunt and fight training used for past film roles and projects in LA. 


Bria’s recent film credits include AFI's, “Where The Water Runs” which recently aired on ASPIRE TV, and won Best Short & Audience Choice Award at the Black Star Film Festival, Best Short & People’s Choice Award at the Smithsonian African American Film Festival & was nominated for Best Short at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF). Other lead roles include "Junior", "Wildflower" and "Girl Fight". Bria recently booked a voiceover role for scripted podcast series, “The Lower Bottoms”. 


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